Lightworkers celebrates the good all around us — reminding us that God’s grace is unshakeable, His love unmistakeable, His kindness contagious.

our mission

To create engaging uplifting, and inspirational content that breaks through the clutter, building a community of sharing and igniting a movement in the real world that motivates people to celebrate and share the good all around them.

we’re on a mission to brighten your day.

A Moment of Light with Roma Downey

A collection of spiritual mediations voiced by Roma Downey paired with breathtaking visuals to bring peace and hope for each new day.

Hear the heart behind LightWorkers from our co-founder and president Roma Downey

Celebrated Emmy-nominated actress and producer Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) and award-winning producer Mark Burnett (“Survivor, “The Voice”, “Shark Tank”) are the founders of LightWorkers Media, a division of MGM Television and Digital. The husband and wife producing team, who together brought your projects like “The Bible Series” and “Son of God”, now bring you LightWorkers.